Cancer Cures: 6 Alternatives to Chemotherapy

 cancer child

These six alternative cancer cures have been proven to help people suffering from cancer. However, before you try any of them, talk to your doctor.


During this type of treatment, tiny needles are inserted into the patient’s skin at certain points. Research shows that acupuncture can help with relieving nausea resulting from chemotherapy. It may also help to ease certain kinds of pain in cancer patients.


Aromatherapy is the use of fragrant oils to produce a calming feeling. Oils with scents like lavender may be applied to the skin during massage, or added to water for bathing. Fragrant oils may be heated as well to release fragrance into the air. This form of Cures for cancer may be useful for relieving pain, nausea and stress.


Exercise can help you control the signs and symptoms of cancer during and after treatment. Gentle exercise can help ease stress and fatigue and help with sleep. Plenty of research now shows that a workout routine can help cancer patients live longer and boost their overall life quality.


Meditation refers to a state of intense focus when your mind is focused on one idea, sound or image, like a positive thought. While meditating, you also can do relaxation or deep breathing exercises. Meditation can help cancer sufferers by relieving stress and anxiety. To understand more about cancer, visit

Meditation is usually safe. You can do it alone for some minutes 1-2 times daily or take lessons from an instructor.

Relaxation techniques

These are ways of relaxing your muscles and calming your mind. Relaxation methods may include activities like progressive muscle relaxation or visualization exercises.

Relaxation techniques can be useful for easing fatigue and anxiety. In addition, they help cancer patients sleep better.

Relaxation techniques are usually safe. A therapist typically leads patients through these workouts and one may eventually be able to perform them on their own or by using guided relaxation recordings.


Yoga is combination of deep breathing and stretching exercises. During a session, you put your body in different poses that require stretching, twisting and bending. There are many forms of yoga, and each has its own variations.

Yoga can provide cancer patients with some relief. It’s also been proven to reduce fatigue and improve sleep.

Before starting a yoga class, talk to your physician first so they can recommend an instructor that regularly deals with people who have cancer. Avoid poses that lead to pain. A good yoga instructor can provide you with safe alternative poses.

You may find that some chemo alternatives work very well together. For example, deep breathing during massage can provide additional stress relief.


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